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Anika Otoshi

Visual and UX Designer




Edventure is an online learning platform, for Bangladeshi students of all levels. This platform is built to make online learning easy, fun, and personal by giving our students a safe, and affordable learning experience from the comfort of their homes. 

I re-designed the site's main functions to create a better user experience and implement more consistent branding.

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A concept app for trading original artworks. 

Collecting art has never been more simple and seamless. This app lets users explore original artworks from all over the world, discover new and emerging artists, stay informed about art festivals and events, get directions for local galleries, get personal advice about collecting art from curators, and even sell their own work. Abstract is a one-stop platform for all art lovers, collectors, and artists.

Project 3

Sweat It!

A concept app on fitness and wellbeing. It’s more than just your regular workout app. This app lets you browse any workout on demand or choose a plan that fits your goals, have a customized meal plan with easy-to-follow instructions, connect with a community that motivates you, practice mindfulness and meditation, read blogs, and more! You can count on Sweat it to make you sweat!

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My Story

I have always admired how thoughtful design has the power to change our world. I am very passionate about design and creativity, studying human behavior and technology. I strive to create meaningful, rich experiences with simple, intuitive designs and minimal interfaces.

I studied Information Technology with a focus on Security, but I have always been fascinated by design, and how a simple interface can lay out complex solutions. In my summer internship, I had a chance to work as a UX designer, through which I gained stronger faith and confidence in my abilities to contribute and dominate in this field. I completed the ‘Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design’ provided by Google, which gave me a clear and conscious foundation and a solid place to start.


I believe a great user experience starts with powerful designs that place users at the heart of all processes. I love diving into why and how people use things and furthering those experiences to create something truly memorable.


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